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8 Tips On How Men Can Delay Rel ease To Last Longer In Bed


8 Tips On How Men Can Delay Rel ease To Last Longer In Bed


Trust me this is one of a kind, Tips you will never get elsewhere, seat back as I ex pose to you 8 Tips on how men can delay rel ease while making lo-ve,read below the useful tips.

1. Massage the pro state gland – When you practice delaying Rel ease, the pro state gland turns sore.

Hence it is important to massage the gland to prevent any kind of pain.

2. Blueberries – This berry is known to delay Rele ase, as it relaxes the nerves in the man-hood.

3. Woman-on-top – This s*x position reduces your chances of premature Rele ase, thereby helping you last longer in bed. Switch to the woman-on-top s*x position to delay Rele ase.

4. Perineum pressure – Delay Rele ase by applying pressure to the perineum, which is the spot between the anus and scrotum. The prostate gland expands and contracts while reaching clim ax or Release. So, by applying pressure on this spot, one can prolong Release.

5. self service – self service can help you prolong s*x, so delay Rele ase by self servicing at least an hour before interc ourse.


6. Control your clim ax – Without any lubrication self service to the point of clim ax and stop. Do it a couple of times and then Rele ase; over a period of time you can control Rele ase.

7. Pelvic muscles – Squeeze the pubococcygeus muscle to stop ej ac ulating. Contract these muscles, which are used for controlling urine; doing so regularly helps you delay Release.

8. Start and stop – When you have the urge to Rele ase, stop, pull out and then thrust again. Also, the start and stop method helps a couple to last longer in bed and enjoy the full s*xual experience.


In Conclusion:

I hope this useful tips add value to your relationships or s3x lifes.


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