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Igodye appreciates the outstanding patriotism of the Nigeria army


Igodye appreciates the outstanding patriotism of the Nigeria army


Igodye appreciates the outstanding patriotism of the Nigeria army, with a big thank you. 

Today we pride ourselves as democrats’ having the optional choice of yes and no,in every given situation,because we have elected people to speak On our behalf from the various ethnic nationalities in the country,so how have they fulfilled this responsibility?

The recent agitations in the country,most especially the south east led kanu Ipob is a failure on the legislators and governors who were elected to protect their people.

Why should all us who have taken a pledge to defend the unity of this country through the national anthem, actively watched a civil situation expand into a monster,now been curtailed by the military? What a failure on our democracy!

Let me remind us that almost all democratic institutions failed to mediate on the issues prior to this time,until the military stepped in to control further damage.

I keeping wondering what were the honourable legislative members of both the state and federal houses of assembly were doing all along, to redeem the situation or profer as an alternative, to peacefully resolve the issues before the military got involved?

The expansion of the military is a failure on civil authorities either as civil societies,politicians, and judiciary to effectively protect the sovereignty of the country,by failure to apply alternative dispute resolution (ADR)


In as much as we trade blames now on the activities of the military,which as an institution did not create the problems in the first place,because 18years now in our democratic process is enough to provide good social welfare for citizens of all the regions,but we are faced with a situation that has placed more burden on the military which is not in our best interest.

Until the military came into the south east,majority of well meaning business people were afraid ,they were losing money everyday for fear of the unknown,we cannot continue to over labour the military after our elected legislators failed to bring our problems to the floor of the national assembly,but all they are concerned about is consistency projects?Honestly speaking ,of what benefit has their seating daily affected the outcome of reconciliations’ amongst Nigerians , that are aggrieved by our present situations?

This is not a time to trade blames,but a time to sit back as a patriots and wake up our royalty to nigeria.

The military took a pledge to protect the nation,a patriotic service that involves lossing their own lives ; their families are aware of this fact,must we sacrifice them for our self inflicted issues created by greed and personal interest?

We all have a responsibility to preserve this nation for our children,but from my point of view the military has been more outstanding in this regards,we all need to appreciate, thank the soldier and it’s affiliate institutions for their service to the Nation.


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