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Lords Chosen Man: “I Fought A Demonic Cat And Killed It In Osun” (Photos)

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Lords Chosen Man: “I Fought A Demonic Cat And Killed It In Osun” (Photos)


A Nigerian man physically fights and kills a “demonic” cat in Osun State that fell from ceiling right inside his parlor and attacked him in the middle of the night

According to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries page;

Bro Paul Ogin, who joined Chosen in the year 2011 is returning all glories to the only good God of the ages, the God of seasons, the precious daddy, the God of the Chosen, baba Ijesha, for exposing enemies purported plans in his life and that of his families.

Our brother testified that last Saturday’s night was a night of divine encounter between the gates of hell and the powers of old.

According to him, at about the midnight hours of Saturday, he choose to make supplications to God and to hand over his new apartment to the glorification of the name of the most high God.

After about awhile, when the spiritual affairs became hot for the dwelling of the devil and his agents, he suddenly started hearing some strange sound like that of the popular Nightingale demonic bird.


He wasn’t touched because he knew the lord is up to do something, instead he entered into another realm of the prayer.

He then paused to check what the issue was when the sound became uncalled for, he saw a strange pussycat fell down from the ceiling to the parlour.

Our brother said he immediately confronted the cat, who then engaged him in a physical combat.

It was at this opposite reaction, that our brother knew that the cat was not an ordinary one.

He then called on this great God of Chosen, the God of the season, whose power as of old always manifest whenever his children are confronted with challenges, to intervene. Continue Reading at Next page…. 

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