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How Men Can Delay Rel ease To Last Longer In Bed


How Men Can Delay Rel ease To Last Longer In Bed


Premature ej ac ulation can get you down and ruin your s*x and marital relationship. In our usual way, Funville Nigeria will guide you on how to delay Rele ase and last longer in bed.

These simple tips will help you to know how to delay and prolong Rele ase. This will enable you and your partner to enjoy a healthy s*x life.

The following are 14 ways on How Men Can Delay Rele ase To Last Longer In Bed

86486908Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises can help you prolong Rele ase. Kegels are those muscles that you use for controlling urination. So, flex these muscles about 30 times a day to delay Rele ase.

Squeeze technique – Prolong Rele ase and delay it by holding the tip of the head of the man-hood. Squeezing the tip of the man-hood can help control premature Rele ase.


Testes – The scrotum rises as a man reaches clim ax and is on the verge of Rele ase. So, delay Rele ase by pulling the scrotum away from the body.

Change focus – Rather than concentrating on Rele ase, concentrate on your partner’s pleasure.

Combination of thrusts – Delay Rele ase or male clim ax by combining shallow thrusts with deep thrusts. This technique helps prolong Rele ase and will make you last longer in bed.


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