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SEE PHOTOS: BBNaija Gifty Parties At A Club In Benin City

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BBNaija star Gifty was spotted partying at District 41 club in Benin city. She was pictured having fun on stage with friends.

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#BBNaija Efe And Bisola Defend The Big Brother Naija Show, Say Show Isn’t Immoral

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Efe and Bisola have boldly stepped forward to defend Big Brother Naija show, against all sorts allegations of immorality.

Recall that Many criticised and called for the shutdown of BBNaija during it’s inception, it caused a lot of debate on social media as many were divided on it’s stance.

Mike Bamiloye, a clergyman and founder of Mount Zion Films International also crticised the show, describing it as an immoral show which no Christian youth should not envy.

‘They kissed, they romanced, before the cameras of Africa, and they were honoured and glorified. At times, the glory of this world makes the children of the kingdom look stupid.

‘I hope some Kingdom children will not begin to envy this type of worldly glories. What does this teach our youths now? Glamourizing and glorifying immorality before the cameras of the world can fetch you millions and make you a celebrity overnight?’ he says.

However, during an interview with Pulse, The Top 2 housemates, Bisola and Efe defended the show saying it wasn’t immoral in anyway.

“Big Brother is not an immoral show”, Bisola says, “If you’re to say Big Brother is an immoral show, you would basically just shut down the whole world and say the whole world is immoral. It’s a reality show where you see different characters. We are human beings, nobody on the surface of the earth is perfect, You’ve got your good sides, you’ve got your bad sides, You’ve got your flaws.. Even preachers. We only try to be good human beings, You cannot be perfect, you cannot be that supreme deity you look up to”

“Now Big Brother as taught me a lot, it has taught me to be strong, it has taught me to be able to overcome certain obstacles. It helped me overcome my fears, and i know i am a better person now, When challenges come my way, i know can push further. Now i will encourage my daughter, people i know, Don’t be afraid of anything, give it a shot, Theree’s nothing wrong in failing, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong in succeeding, So always try as much as possible to go further, and Big Brother has taught me that. The Bisola that walked through the doors of the on the 27th of January, isn’t the same person that walked out on the 9th of April”

Efe also echoed the same thoughts, noting he learnt to be tolerant and accommodative of people despite their flaws.

Efe, Bisola, Tboss, Debie-Rise, Marvis To Be Celebrated At 2face’s Rumours VI

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Big Brother Naija latest stars and the winner Efe will be hosted tonight at famous celebrity lounge – Rumours VI following their return to Nigeria after TV reality escapade in South Africa. The much anticipated celebration is attracting personalities and Showbiz lovers including the fans of the ex- housemates.

The exclusive Grand Finale party will see Marvis, Debie Rise, TBOSS, Bisola and the latest celebrity winner EFE converge from 10:00pm. Other housemates who were evicted earlier are expected to join their colleagues for collective celebration. ‎ It could recalled that Tuface Idibia performed at the finals of the BBNaija in South Africa.

Title: Efe, Bisola, Tboss, Debie-Rise, Marvis To Be Celebrated At 2face’s Rumours VI 

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