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Insomnia, Meaning and the Causes

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Insomnia means difficulty in sleeping or inability to sleep for a long duration. Those who suffer from insomnia can hardly sleep for four hours at a stretch.

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1. OVER-EATING: These are two extremes to be avoided. over eating, especially at nights, makes difficult because the system needs extra time to digest the food. on the other hand, hunger causes lack of concentration and discomfort, making sleep difficult.

2. PAINS: Pain in any part of the body can prevent sleep. afterall no one can sleep when his house in on fire.

3. WORRY, ANXIETY AND FEAR: Uncertainty brings insecurity; insecurity brings worry; worry brings anxiety; anxiety brings fear.The chain is endless. Sleep requires peace of mind and calmness. Therefore, absence of these cause insomnia.

1.COMFORTABLE BED: A good bed is one with solid foam and strong springs or flat wood.the modern day cabinet beds are better than spring beds. make your bedroom clean, cool,and fresh. How can you sleep well when our bedroom is stuffy, smoky or dirty or is full of cockcroaches and mosquitoes? Some people can wear expenive clothes and ornaments, but do not have a comfortable bed. what a shame! we must learn to get our priorities right.

2. PHYSICAL EXERCISE; Physical exercise is essential to health. it promotes sweating and proper blood circulation in the system. Those who do office works that requires sitting in one place for long hours often experience insomnia. Be sure to do exercise that will make you sweat. Skipping is a good form of exercise for busy people. All you need is a rope. you can jump up to 50 to 100 times to begin. Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner.

3. RELAXATION: We modern africans are often tempted to keep working till the body finally breaks down. Many of us do not understand or listen to our bodies. As long as there is no pain, or as long as the pain is endurable we keep on managing until the body finally breaks down. It is high time we recognise the importance of rest and allow our bodies to rest to renew themselves.

4.PROMPT RISING: Be prompt in waking up in the morning. Never take sleeping drugs because they have negative effects on you. Think of others and try to do something to make others happy. Share some of your problems with friends of like mind.


1. A simple remedy for insomnia is onion. Simply chew a small bulb of onion before going to bed. if you are not comfortable with the smell of the onion you can try the second step.

2. squeeze some fresh bitter leaves in water and take two glassful every night.

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